Live online training with renowned natural mental health expert

Dr. Jennifer Bahr, ND

The 5-Step Strategy to Get Off Psych Meds Permanently

Regain control of your life and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy –

even if you have tried to get off meds before and failed!

  • The step-by-step system our patients use to permanently get off psych meds

  • The simple truth about what it takes for your body and mind to heal and give you freedom from depression and anxiety

  • How our patients maximize their health for pregnancy, avoid potential birth defects that psych meds can cause, and finally have the family of their dreams

  • The real reasons taking medications or supplements is NOT a good long term solution to balance brain chemistry (and may actually be harmful to developing babies!)

  • The secrets conventional doctors don’t know that can TRANSFORM mental health for the BETTER in a long term, sustainable way

  • And how our patients do all of this without losing progress, slipping back into mood episodes, or  developing unstable moods

Gain mood stability without medication even if you have tried before and been unsuccessful.


Dr. Jennifer Bahr, ND is the leading expert for natural solutions for mental health conditions. She has worked with hundreds of women to help them get off the medication merry-go-round. She is a sought after speaker by women like you as well as her professional colleagues because of her professional and personal experience. She has condensed the wisdom she has gained over years of study, personal work, research, and success with patients and is offering it to you now for free!

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