Dr. Bahr’s Method

Our innovative approach blends the best of conventional science and testing with the gentle healing of nature.

Through our process our patients

  • Get off their medications.

  • Maintain or even improve stability naturally.

  • Reduce or eliminate the risk of adverse effects on a developing baby.

  • Improve their health overall, mentally and physically, preparing them to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

  • Have healthier babies.

  • Maintain improvements long term (postpartum and beyond), because we are helping the body and mind heal.

Before we dive in to the details of our approach, let’s make one thing clear – this does require work on your part.

I don’t say this to scare you. I know you are a woman who has not shied away from hard work in your life, even when you aren’t feeling your best. I also know you wouldn’t even be considering our program if you wanted the easy solution.

Before we begin I must be upfront with you. We will be working as a team through the process.

My role is your guide, coach, and doctor. I will help you you target the exact steps you need to take to get off your meds, maintain or even improve your moods, attention, and energy, and get yourself physically and mentally ready to take the biggest and most rewarding step of your life – becoming a mother.

Your role is an active participant who is open to coaching and who will follow my advice precisely.

The work we do together isn’t a quick fix solution. The program you will follow for the next 12 weeks will stay with you for the rest of your life.  After our work together you WILL NOT return to your life as it is now. It is a process to help you truly transform your life in ways you didn’t know were imaginable. When you follow the process, and incorporate all aspects of it as a foundation for how you live, you will have life long results that will not only improve your life and health, but the lives and health of your children and grandchildren. The actions you take and the choices you make today with your health really make a significant difference for your children.

So, if you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the work to change your life, let’s get started.

Our treatment method is simple yet sophisticated. We remove obstacles to health. stimulate the body and mind to heal, and support weakened systems

Remove Obstacles

Just like you can’t drive through a pass that is covered by an avalanche, you can’t heal if you have obstacles to your health that you don’t remove.

It is a simple yet NECESSARY concept to grasp. Your obstacles to health are unique to you, they will be uncovered and systematically removed through our work together.

Stimulate Healing

The goal of my work with every single patient is for them to not need me or a psychiatrist for the long haul.

This WILL NOT happen if we don’t employ therapies that actually help the body HEAL.

Meds simply suppress  symptoms by forcing biochemistry (when you stop the meds the symptoms come back).We utilize homeopathic medicine to accomplish this goal of actually helping you heal. How to stimulate healing for you will be the main focus of our weekly 30 minute calls.

Support Weakened Systems

Our moods, our energy, and our fertility are all affected by our gut, hormones, and genetics. We will evaluate these systems with targeted testing and use supportive diets and/or supplements to repair any damage that may have been done over the years.  We work to reverse the long term damage caused by poor diet, medication use, and environmental toxin exposure.

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