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When choosing a program to help with the sensitive and complex subject of your mental health and your fertility, you need an expert in the medical science. You also need someone who gets it on an emotional level. With Dr. Bahr, you get both.

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Why my experience and skills will get you what you want

You want to have stable moods, and a healthy pregnancy. With the conventional way of thinking, these two desires are mutually exclusive if you have a mental health condition. There are significant risks to you and your baby should you decide to either stay on medication or stop your medication regimens. For most moms to be it’s a lose lose situation.  

There is good news! Naturopathic and integrative therapies can actually help you achieve both stable moods and a medication free pregnancy. I have extensive experience in helping people accomplish this exact goal. I trained at one of the top naturopathic medical schools and am obsessive about staying up to date on the latest research about the myriad things that can impact your mood and your fertility. I take all of the training and research and boil it down to the simplest, gentlest, and easiest to accomplish method to help my patients achieve lasting results so they can confidently get to work on starting the family of their dreams.

I understand your challenge

I was my first patient. I had been on medications for my moods on and off from the age of 18 to 28. The meds helped my moods but gave me side effects, so I would stop taking them. Then, without fail, all of the mood symptoms would come crashing back. I reached my turning point when, at 28, my well-meaning psychiatrist told me the only way I could ever hope to have a baby was if I would consent to do shock therapy.

The answer shocked me (no pun intended). I was a highly functional person who had learned Arabic and worked as a translator for the Federal Government for years before starting medical school. I was a top student in my class. How on earth could shock therapy be the only solution to have something as normal as a family.

So I started searching. I worked with naturopathic doctors and did a lot of work on myself. It took me some time, but I got off all my medications. I am now more stable and functional than ever before, meds or no meds. I started my practice where I help hundreds of people avoid the same fate my psychiatrist suggested would be mine, I found the love of my life, got married, and now we are working on starting our family.

I realize that not everyone has the resources or the time I had. So I developed this program to help you fast track what took me over a decade to do. So that you too, can have the life and family that you deserve.

Why the time is now

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Healing takes time.  Be proactive

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